Our History

In 2003 Providence Baptist Church celebrated it's 200th anniversary. Historians tell of a great revival throughout most parts of the United States between 1799 and 1803. No area seemed to be affected more than the upper part of South Carolina. Between 1802 and 1804 thirty-five churches and branches were formed in South Carolina, with the most being formed in the upper counties. Providence was one of the churches that came as the fruit of a great religious awakening that saw 1163 people baptized in the newly organized Broad River Association in two years (1802-1803)

According to tradition, the first worship services were held in a brush arbor on the present property. The first permanent structure was a log building with a mud and stick chimney. The log building was used until 1830 when a frame building was erected.

The first regular Pastor at Providence was Joshua Richards who began at the age of 56. Joshua was known as "Daddy Richards" pastored until 1840 and stepped down at the age of 84. His pastorate of twenty-eight years is the longest in Providence history.